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Let's Buy Robots may at any time change the terms of use without prior notice to the customer, reviewing the conditions of use should be a norm practiced by the customer. The terms of the legal agreement between the Client and Let´s Buy Robots are as follows. By accessing, browsing and using our online store (, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to our Terms of Use. Exchanges and Returns 

Let's Buy Robots is dedicated to providing the best customer experience. This extends to the assistance policy, where there is an effort to meet any and all of needs of the Customer. When purchasing an item in our Online Shop, the consumer is automatically covered by the Satisfaction Warranty, where in the first 14 days you can return or exchange an item (exceptions described in topic 2) if it has not met your expectations.

Before purchasing a good, keep in mind that in terms of the Resolution of Contracts (Devolutions) there is in Portuguese law elements that differentiate a distance purchase (online and to be received at the address via carrier) from a purchase made/raised directly in commercial space.

Contract resolution on distance purchases

For distance purchases (online and to be received at the address via the carrier), the Portuguese Law establishes to the consumer a period of 14 days (commonly known as the reflection period) after taking physical possession of the goods, during which he can return the item(s) without the need to indicate a reason. 

In the case of free Resolution of the Contract, the return postage will be charged to the consumer, as stipulated in nº 2 of article 13º of Decree-Law nº 24/2014, of February 14. 

Goods must be returned by mail with receipt as a proof issued by the couriers, and the Customer will be responsible for shipping costs. The Customer must indicate his name and number of the order. Upon receipt of the Goods (pursuant to topic 1), Sirius Robotics will reimburse Customer within 14 days after receipt of the goods.

Conditions of acceptance of Returns/Exchanges:

Although returns/exchanges are accepted within the first 14 days of distance purchases (as described above), returned goods will only be accepted if the conditions are scrupulously observed as the following:

1.1 The returned item must be intact and without any mark/use damage. 1.2. You will need to return the unused item, in its sealed original packaging, undamaged manuals and accessories, under the same conditions in which it was sold.

1.2 Only the value of the product will be returned, the shipping costs are the entire responsibility of the Customer.

1.3 Before returning any Goods, you must contact Let's Buy Robots in order to obtain a return authorization number (RMA). 

1.4 In the event of breach of any of these points, we will not be able to accept the return (and consequent refund) or exchange.

Products NOT accepted for Returns/Exchanges: 

Except for technical anomalies, there are some articles that by their nature can not be accepted for returns/exchanges.

2.1 No exchanges or returns of products whose surrounding packaging is open, torn or damaged are accepted because this product becomes unusable and can not be sold again. No returns will be accepted for specially designed articles by customer's request.

Ways of refund for product returns:

If you want the refund for online purchases, the same will be done through the same process of the initial payment. Let's Buy Robots will refund the amount paid for the item as soon as the technical verification of the condition of the product and verification of compliance with the conditions described above (Topic 1) are carried out. Only the value of the product will be refunded (not including shipping costs).

The refund will only be made after verification of the condition of the product and within a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days after its receipt.

3.1 Start the Return/Exchange process:

To initiate the return/exchange process you will need to open an RMA request in the form given above, mentioning "Customer Support". Afterwards you must send the item via carrier to the warehouse. Being the item in conformity, the values of the returning postage will be borne by the consumer. 

4 Warranty The items marketed by Let's Buy Robots in its online store are covered by the legal warranty regulation. The electronic component warranties always work according to the conditions established by the manufacturers. 

The vast majority of the products we commercialize are fully open components or platforms, and they will have to be given extra care in their handling and implementation by the customer.

Before purchasing a good, keep in mind the following points on this page: 

1 Let's Buy Robots is merely a Distributor;

2 All products sold by Let's Buy Robots are not manufactured by her. At the time of the sale, Let's Buy Robots passes on to the Customer the warranty of the same product(s);

3 It is our manufacturers that own quality control and ensure modules are always sold working properly after manufacturing. 

4 All suspected malfunctions should be exposed immediately upon receipt of the products. Usually, malfunctions occur because of some error or misconfiguration in the assembly, or later when in usage.

5 We will always try to expose and present the complaints of our customers to the brand. Note that most of these modules are for surface assembly and have no repair.

6 The customer will have to send us the product for testing, so we can prepare the report and submit a complaint to the manufacturer/brand. Shipping costs will be refunded in case of confirming that the product is actually manufacturing defective. In case of misunderstanding of assembly or misuse, by the customer, all shipping costs are entirely your responsibility. In this case we reserve the right to charge the costs inherent to the operation that is necessary to the good functionality of the product verification.

7 We reaffirm, in this type of market, the usual guarantees of closed equipment do not apply because there is not a way to protect the equipment, however, as far as in what is depending on us, we will always try the exchange of the product near the manufacturer obviously, safeguarding our customers.

6 In case of RMA (Return Material Authorization), Let's Buy Robots undertakes to do its best to have your product exchanged as soon as possible, however, the Customer must bear in mind that the process does not depend exclusively on the seller (Let's Buy Robots). All products entering our RMA facilities are tested and shipped as soon as possible. Thereafter, the process becomes manufacturers and suppliers responsibility; 

7 In the case of discontinued products, the exchange may be made for a product equivalent to/or higher than the one currently on the market, however, this exchange is exclusively of the entire responsibility of the supplier/manufacturer. You can also make a credit note so that the customer can later purchase another item (s) in our store;

8 RMA requests are made in the form indicated below. Non-compliance with the procedures described in this section will lead to the return of the product at the expense of the Customer;

9 Please note that any changes to the original product INVALIDATES ITS WARRANTY.

10 Regardless of non-warranty equipments, whenever it is recieved for repairing and no malfunction is detected, meaning this, there has been an incorrect consumption of data, a fee may be charged to cover logistic costs;

11 In no event shall Let's Buy Robots be liable for any partial or total loss of data, programs or software installed on products delivered for repairing;

12 The deadline for picking up equipments for repairing is 30 days after the document registration, otherwise, the material is considered abandoned in terms of the artº 1267/1a of the Civil Code, reason why Let's Buy Robots stops being responsible for the equipment. As soon as it's considered abandoned, the holder is obligated to pay a penalty clause in the amount of 2,50€ for each day of delay in not picking up the product. After 3 years from the date of the respective document and, under article 1299 of the Civil Code, the material will become property of Let's Buy Robots by possession title. In the event of debt, Let's Buy Robots has the right to retain all material on its premises until it is fully liquidated.

What is NOT covered by warranty?

The cost of transporting the damaged product(s).

Damage caused by improper or abusive use.

Damage caused by transportation out of the original packaging.

Damage caused by poor protection of equipment.

Equipment opened by other entities than not Let's Buy Robots.

Equipment that has been attempted to repair, or actually got repaired, outside our service facility.

Being this said, Let's Buy Robots doesn't provide warranty, nor takes responsibility for equipment that is damaged by poor handling, installation or configuration. Also any changes to the original product invalidate the warranty. All of our products need knowledgement for their use. That’s why, customer should always consider a responsible usage policy. Let's Buy Robots will not assume damages for the misuse, ignorance/unfamiliarity, or any other external factors.