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Welcome to Let's Buy Robots!

We are a big Portuguese company specialized in online sales of Robotic products. Let´s Buy Robots is a brand specially created for this type of business, which is associated to Sirius Robotics, a robotics company whose vision is to be a worldwide source of robotic technology that has a positive impact on our lives.

Being Robotics a growing area in the world and with each time even more greater impact on our daily and quality of life, we have a wide range of products from the simplest with answers to the younger layers to the most advanced robots with diverse functionalities and practical applications in the different sectors of business and daily life, education, health, personal assistants, events, hotels, among others. We intend to demystify and make known the world of robotics in the most dynamic way possible.

We firmly believe that robotics can improve our lives, improve our environment and the world we live in; is even capable of improving human condition. It starts with robotics in education, then robotics in our homes, in all services and in all industries, underwater, in the field, in the air, in space and even inside our bodies. In the Sirius Robotics team, we work to improve the innovation chain; we make this technology available to people all over the world. In every box we send, in every piece of technology we develop or help developing, there is something that helps increasing fun, knowledge, freedom, or the safety of a human being.

We also seek to establish the most effective and up-close relationship with our customers through a structured customer service support service to meet all your needs. This is with the intention of being more than mere suppliers, and rather be the pillar for the success of our clients' projects.

This way we intend to offer the best shopping experience to our customers, with modern, innovative products and at the forefront of technology. As well as giving answers to this markets evolution with the development of our own software, in cooperation with a technical and specialized team, that can attend all of our clients needs.

Our mission is to let robotics at your service!